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Peanut Butter & Co

Posted by finechina on March 4, 2007

(Btw Bleeker and W 3rd St, a block away from NYU Law School)

Ever since I saw this on the Food Network I knew I had to come here. Featured on the show “Unwrapped,” many specialty peanut butter sandwiches were showed that I have never seen done before. When I saw a bacon on a pb&j sandwich, that just sold the deal for me. So today, I decided to come to this delicious shop to see how tasty their sandwiches really was!

My snack buddy and I went in at around 5pm and the place was literally packed. 5pm, I thought, do people come to this place to have dinner? It’s crazy since they only serve peanut butter and jelly and other light snacks. But you’ll be surprised at how many families and dates come here. Anyways, so I thought to myself and my partner, ha, so much for eating in. The only table that was empty only had one seat and a baby chair which wasn’t suitable for us. We decided to order it out instead of eating in since we didn’t have a choice. Okay, I was a little disappointed, and only hoped that someone would leave.

Well, it was time to look at the menu which hung over the cashier counter like at a diner. After looking at it for a good couple of minutes, we decided to order a Peanut Butter Club, The Elvis, and a milkshake. The cashier is going to ask you a serious of questions, if you’ve never came here before.

1) White or wheat?
2) Crunchy or smooth?
3) Grape, strawberry, or apricot jam?

We both chose white and crunchy, with the exception of the jam which I picked strawberry and the partner picked grape. Yum. I figured with all this peanut butter, we needed a drink. So we decided to get a milkshake. Not knowing which to get because there were so many, the cashier recommended the Mary Jane , which he swears is good. I ask him what’s in it and he says peanut butter and honey. “Wait,” I said, “Isn’t that a weird combo?” Apparently he tells me that he loves it and reassures me that it’s awesome. Yeah, let’s see how awesome it was! So we sealed the deal and ordered the Mary Jane. Yummm…

While waiting for the the food, I noticed that ceramic plates with sandwiches and celeries was coming out from the kitchen and was later served to a table of customers by this female employee who was wearing the company’s t-shirt. Wow, even though it’s a very small restaurant, the employees there treat their customers with the utmost care and it almost felt like it was a restaurant. Seriously, how cool is that? At this point, my Mary Jane arrived:

My god, you cannot believe how DELICIOUS this drink is! Oh my god, peanut butter with honey and milk absolutely cannot go wrong!! Oh man, it tastes like vanilla ice cream with traces of crunchy peanut butter. I’m sure the honey is in there but I couldn’t tell because it is very very sweet. I love it. I would TOTALLY recommend this to anyone!!

Price: $5.50

After a couple of sips of my cool Mary Jane, just as we saw an empty table, we were informed by this couple that said they’ve been waiting for a long time. So darn it we were back to square one again. The cashier noticed this and tried to ask some guys in the back if there were any extra chairs, but there wasn’t. Even though there wasn’t, it was still nice of him to try. I really liked that, such good customer service.

By the time our food was ready, we had two empty tables to chose which was just our luck! Gosh I was so happy, and it was better than to eat at Washington Square Park!

Here is my PB Club, which is a double decker sandwich with all the crunchy peanut butter and strawberry jam in it. Don’t let the picture fool you, it’s a gigantic sandwich, which is why it costs $6.60 for this sandwich. Heck if you’re feeling cheap and on a date, I think you can eat away with sharing this sandwich and order a Peanut Butter sampler where you can dip celery and carrot sticks into peanut butter which I saw with other couples there. How did this taste any different than a regular PB&J sandwich? Well, to me it was just another PB&J sandwich except that it’s toasted and it’s a double decker but it made me very happy eating it. Oh man, when I had a taste of the Elvis, oh man, that’s just another story.

This is a grilled peanut Butter sandwich with bananas and honey. You can try it with bacon but we opted not to because we were going to have dinner afterwards. As you see, there are bananas inside. And let me tell you, bananas with peanut butter is a godly mix! Oh my watering mouth, this is insatiable!! This is densely packed with their special peanut butter spread and banana to ease the load. It’s amazing, and I will DEFINITELY RECOMMEND it.

Price: $6.60

Overall, it was an amazing experience. I will definitely come here to try their other treats next time.

Until again, I’ll leave you with pictures of the restaurant and the health inspection report of this restaurant:



Current violation points: 12 – PASSED

Inspection Date: 01/22/2007

Violations were cited in the following area(s) and those requiring immediate action were addressed.

1.) Food contact surface not properly maintained.
2.) Milk or milk product undated, improperly dated or expired.
3.) Evidence of mice or live mice present in facility’


2 Responses to “Peanut Butter & Co”

  1. GrieveR said

    mmmm sounds quite good, maybe I should go there to try it out too. I need a date lol, go find me one tiff!~ Anyways we must go find the fried PB sandwich place. A heartattack is awaiting us both! Anyways take care!~

  2. dragonlife said

    Love Cali maki, too!
    to see what a sushi friend of mine in Shizuoka came up with: spicy scallops california maki. He got the idea on a trip to LA!

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